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Company Name TORISETSUYA:Ishii technical writer's Office
Representative Kouji Ishii
Office Adress 176-0004 
Kotake-chou 1-24-16-102 ,Nerima-ku ,Tokyo ,Japan
Telephone No. 03-6766-6565
FAX 03-6766-6565
Web Site (J)
Year Established 1998 / 12
Capital 4,000,000 Yen
Business Manual
To produce a manual is our main mission. We are strong in Software , PC Accessories , PDA , Communications equipment : for consumer device.(Japanese ONLY)
Japanese Technical Writing
Technical rerease , white paper etc... , Electronic media (HELP file ,HTML Help , PDF ..) , Web & mail magazine .
History Established 1998/12
Moved to current location 2007/06
Organization Tokyo Chamber of Commerce
Membership No. E2198029

Kouji Ishii Business Result / Profile

Name Kouji Ishii Born in 1963s
Affairs Representative & technical writer
Specialty areas Produce a manual, strong in consumer electric devices.
Mainly, computer hardware , Accessories , Software , PDA ,comminucation devices.
As Writing from planning to writing ,I have experiencesd all process.
Not only technical writing , I have writtten PC game's charactrisitic story and historical story.
History Main Affair(Company employee)
PC and consumer game manual x20 over
PC GAME handbook
Laser printer manual
Postcard printing software manual
Virus Buster 98 and other virus protection software manual x10
Some TSE-listed companies (Comminucation) software operation manual x15
Windows CE device manual x5
Mobile Phones 2 types
and more..
Hobbies martial arts(Japanese & Chinese)
Swimming in the Japanese traditional Style, Touring Bikes, and more..
Japanese Profile
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